It all starts with Jesus
When Jesus walked on the earth, he invited all kinds of people to “come follow” him.  Most of them were a little rough around the edges: tax collectors, burly fishermen and (gasp!) prostitutes.  Many of them risked everything to follow and their lives drastically changed.  The religious people – the ones who kept God in a nice, neat rule book – rarely said yes.
At starting POINT church we aren't much for following rules.
We would rather follow Jesus. Just real people with real problems, real joys, living real life, seeking to love God and love people, and to do the stuff Jesus did.  We’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be.  We are serious about creating a community where we genuinely love, encourage and train ordinary people to simply follow Jesus in today’s world.  Sounds simple, but it’s rarely easy, sometimes messy and usually risky.  Wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope you’ll visit us.
Our hope is that you find SP a life giving church with an environment where people are encouraged, equipped, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and serving becomes a way of life.

Mission & Vision

To lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus,
Our mission
that’s it.
Our vision

To be a community of believers that is radically devoted to Jesus, passionately committed to one another, and relentlessly focused on reaching those who have "not yet" decided to follow Jesus Christ. 

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. 

does it

get much better

then that?

For God did not send His son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him."
John 3:16&17


Our strategy is to create simple environments where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything’s possible.  We’ve designed an easy step by step process to help people on their journey to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Step 1.

Weekends with Jesus…

Starting Point weekend services are a place to bring your friends, minus the church lingo, bad coffee and kum-ba-yah.  Speaking of music, we love capturing the heart of God through passionate worship.   SP is a place for anyone who wants to seek God, from those exploring whether or not God even exists to committed Christ-followers.  We will present biblical truths and show how they apply to our everyday lives. And we will have a lot of fun doing it.

Step 2.

Discovery Group…


Let’s be honest most things are more fun when enjoyed with friends. The way that we accomplish that is not through sitting in rows on Sunday morning, but by circling up in homes, coffee houses and office buildings all around Prescott.  We believe that sustained life change takes place best within the context of community.

Step 3.



We are going to serve and reach out with our gifts and talents to our community, and inside the ministries of Starting Point all year around. We believe everybody gets to play, it's more fun that way!

Who is starting POINT church for?

We are not interested in persuading Christians away from their home church to come to ours. 
Our primary focus will be to reach out to the “non-churched” (those with no church background) and the “de-churched” (those who have had a negative experience with Christianity and have lost interest in the church) as well as “displaced Christians” (those who have some level of faith but have not found a church in which they truly feel at home)….  But at the same time we embrace those who have allowed Jesus to capture their heart.  Those who are excited about the adventurous dream of reaching people who are far away from God, and who are willing to serve over being served.


Jt and Rachel have the privilege to be involved in ministry for over 30 years.  Their journey has led them to take passionate steps of faith in leaving their Kentucky home, family and friends to plant “Starting Point Church” in Prescott Arizona. 

Jt’s pastoral ministry has taken him to California, Oregon and Kentucky working as a Youth Pastor, Northern Kentucky Area Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Outreach Pastor. His starting point happened on January 18, 1976, when he said yes to Jesus. Jt grew in his new relationship with Jesus and realized he wanted to give his life to the two things that last forever, God’s Word and people. Wanting to be better equipped for ministry, he attended Multnomah University, majored in Bible and minored in youth ministry. Jt enjoys the journey of teaching the Bible and investing in wonderful friends. He loves the outdoors, and every sort of sport, especially with racquet in hand. He also loves reading and hanging out with his wife Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, she too has a passion for Jesus since her early years.  Growing up as a preacher's kid (PK) was certainly an advantage, but she was definitely the crazy wild child.  Her love for people, and her servant's heart has won many. Rachel loves worship music, Mexican food, interior design and she’s crazy about her family.


God brought Jt and Rachel together in marriage in 2007 to form an “All IN” ministry team. Together they have five sons, ages 24-34 and six grandchildren. They are so excited to be part of this wonderful community of Prescott, AZ.

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Melissa has served in Christian ministry for over 25 years. She is passionate about seeing wounded hearts healed, bondages broken, and destinies proclaimed through the truth and power of God’s Word. Melissa holds a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. She serves as the Connections Pastor and Financial Director for Starting Point.


Chrissy and her husband Steve moved to Prescott in 2018. Chrissy has the pleasure of overseeing Starting Point Adventure Kids and is loving every minute of it! Chrissy has been educating and ministering to children around the country and around the world through teaching, puppets, magic, balloons, and other creative means since she was a teenager. Chrissy has a Bachelor in Religious Education and a Masters in Early Childhood Education.


Caleb is part of a select group of people having called Prescott his home for most of his life. He’s been involved in technical work for over a decade having served in a variety of roles both in the Arts and with churches. Caleb joined Starting Point’s team at the beginning of this year and serves as our Sound and Technology Director. In his free time he loves trying new things which means he’s always on the search for the next great adventure!


Nicole and her husband, Michael, moved to Prescott a few years ago after their daughter graduated from college, and their son left to attend law school. They served their community by mentoring and ministering to people of all ages. After twenty-six years, she retired from teaching at a large Christian School. In addition to teaching, Nicole created and produced countless Christian themed stage productions, special events, and fund raisers. Over the years, Nicole has honed her people skills and developed a servant’s heart to meet the needs those she serves. She has a bachelor’s degree in child development and sociology. She also has a master’s degree in education. Nicole is now serving Starting Point Church as the Events & Facility Coordinator.


In 2019 Andrew Zamora was challenged by his wife and the youth pastor at VCNP to give Youth Ministry a try.  He quickly found a passion for sharing the gospel with young people. Since moving to Prescott Valley in 2021, this passion has continued to grow. Andrew is a devoted husband to Crista Zamora and together they have 4 children whom they adore. He is a small business owner dedicated to his craft, which has allowed him the freedom to take on a new role as Student Ministry Director at Starting Point Church.


Although relatively new to his Christian faith, and even newer to ministry, Keenan is no stranger to the art of telling stories through lyric and melody. During his senior year of high school his band Sugar and the Mint gained recognition for winning the Telluride Bluegrass Festival's band contest. This launched the band into several years of touring and recording. Much more satisfying to Keenan now that he's a Christian is leading people to encounter God through worship music and helping them to grow in their understanding of the majesty and lordship of Jesus Christ.


What we believe

There’s a God.

Only one God, in fact, and he is the creator of everything. We’re made in His image, which means we’re like him in many ways, except that he’s God and we’re not. He’s loving and just and desires a relationship with us. As individuals with free will, we have the freedom to respond to the relationship God’s initiated with us, or not.

We’re free to choose to live outside the realm of the life God has for us as it is explained in the Bible. Put another way, many choices we make either move us closer to God or further away from him. Making even seemingly small decisions that separate us from God is called sin. We all do it, and we’ll continue to do so. And, even then, God will love us and passionately pursue us.

God loves us so much, in fact, that he sent his only son, Jesus, to die so the rest of us could live. The cost of sin was separation from God—spiritual death—until Jesus came and his death paid everyone’s debt. That’s serious love. Because of that serious, perfect love, this gift from God is waiting for anyone who wants to receive it. This is called Grace. God gives grace freely and abundantly.

As for us, we need only to decide whether or not to believe and receive this stuff. If we decide to believe it, we have available to us a new, full life that can start now and never stop. It’s OK to have a lot of questions along the way. Although God reveals things to us (including what he’s revealed about himself in the Bible), he remains mysterious and wonderful.  See our full statement of faith at  Vineyard USA​


Starting Point Church is a non-denominational church and a part of the Vineyard Association of Churches. There are over 1500 churches worldwide. We are open to people of any religious background. We endeavor to follow the pattern of worship and living as laid out in the New Testament. Our focus is on helping people discover and become who God created them to be. 

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